Training Needs Analysis: Basis for Personnel Training and Development Program

Training needs are discrepancies or gaps in the actual and the ideal skills that should be possessed by employees relative to their performance at work. In any professional organization, tasks, nowadays, are becoming more complex, thereby requiring skilled, experienced, and well-trained employees. In the academe, for instance, the quality of personnel, staff, and all other members of the institutions, significantly determines the quality of the organizational outputs as reflected in their actual job performance and the kind of graduates that the school produces. While Western Institute of Technology (WIT) have Faculty and Personnel Development Programs, it was observed by various visiting accreditation teams that the said programs were not based on a training needs analysis. This study was conducted to accomplish this recommendation. A group of teaching and non-teaching personnel were taken as respondents from the total population of 308 WIT personnel for 2015-2016. Using a researcher-made questionnaire, the training needs were ascertained focusing only on person’s and task analyses. Results showed that the respondents from the teaching category highly needed all instructional skills training with least emphasis on trainings pertaining to lecture (mean ≥ 3.45). Among the non-teaching staff, desktop publishing received the lowest score while the set of interpersonal skills received the highest score (mean ≥ 4.10).

Nora P. Legaspi
Director, Center for Academic Accreditation
Western Institute of Technology
La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines