Research Agenda and Priority Areas

Institutional Research Agenda
WIT aims to advance the research capabilities of its students, faculty and staff through the provision of motivation, training, policies and environment for research proposal and execution. WIT aims to prioritize opportunities to those with limited research experience with preference to proposals that require multidisciplinary collaboration with researchers from various programs of WIT or other institutions.

WIT supports the proposal of researches that are feasible to execute within the capacity of its resources, and with outputs that can positively influence the policies, practices, or services of the institution in the upkeep of its continuous quality improvement.

Program Research Priority Areas
The different colleges and programs of WIT should prioritize researches that are listed within their corresponding priority research areas and in with conjunction the research agenda of the institution. The following are the priority areas of each program:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • AB English
    • English terms borrowed from Philippine Languages
    • Language teaching and pedagogy
  • Political Science
    • Government and Policy Analysis
    • Political Economy, Theory, and Methodology
  • Biology
    • Agriculture and Biotechnology
    • Food, Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical Applications
    • Product Development and Management
  • Hospitality Management
    • Agritourism and Ecotourism
    • Food Safety, Innovations, and Nutrition
    • Hospitality Management

College of Business and Accountancy

  • Accountancy
    • Accounting System Analysis and Design
    • Auditing, Assurance, and Consultancy Services
    • Cost Determination, Analysis, and Control
  • Business Administration
    • Business Economics
    • Financial, Marketing, and Operations Management
    • Human Resource Development Management

College of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
    • Hydrology and Water Resource
    • Project and Construction Management
    • Material Design and Testing
  • Computer Engineering
    • Artificial Intelligence Applications
    • Computing Algorithms and Data Analytics
    • Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
    • Professional Practice and Technopreneurship
    • Systems Development and Implementation
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Alternative and Renewable Energy Solutions
    • Electrical and Power System Analysis and Design
    • Electrical Equipment and Transportation Design
    • Electrical Installation Materials
  • Information Technology
    • Applications and Systems Development
    • Computer Vision
    • Intelligent and Expert Systems
    • IT Management and Security
    • Web and Network Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
    • Environmental and Pollution Control
    • Industrial and Power Plant Design and Engineering
    • Machinery Design and Fabrication
    • Renewable Energy and Transport Solutions

College of Maritime Education

  • Electrical, Electronics, and Process Control Trainer Design and Development
  • Cadet Academic Performance and Shipboard Training Enhancement