Our Services

The offices of the CRD Director and the various R&D Heads offer the following services for the faculty, staff, and students of WIT:

  • Orientation of WIT employees on the opportunities, processes, and policies of conducting institutional researches.
  • Provision of research related services such as anti-plagiarism checking, grammar checking, and statistical computation and interpretation.
  • Provision of research related trainings and seminars

Paper Grammar and Plagiarism Check Procedure

For the grammar and plagiarism checking services of the CRD office, the office uses Grammarly which is a subscription based online grammar and plagiarism checker that can detect the amount of similarity of the document’s contents against billions of web pages and academic databases in the internet.

Submission Procedure:

  1. The author of the paper shall edit the Word Document copy of their paper containing only the contents starting from the Abstract up to the Conclusion and Recommendation. The file must exclude other supplementary contents such as table of contents, references, CVs, and acknowledgements which could negatively affect the plagiarism test result.
  2. The author shall save the filename of the new copy of document starting with a prefix text “(GPTEST) – “, and then followed by the complete title of the paper. For example:
    • Paper title:
      ——–Design and Acceptability of Face-Shield Convertible Plastic Water Bottles
    • Filename:
      ——–(GPTEST) – Design and Acceptability of Face-Shield Convertible Plastic Water Bottles.docx

  3. The author shall email the edited Word Document file to crd@wit.edu.ph.
  4. The author or an authorized representative shall pay the following amount to the Treasurer’s office of WIT depending on their category and keep the OR (Official Receipt):
    • WIT Employee – FREE (for approved institutional researches)
    • WIT Students – P100.00
    • Outsiders – P500.00
  5. The author or an authorized representative shall visit the CRD office during its regular office hours and presents their ID’s and their OR for identification and payment validation.
  6. The visiting author or representative shall enter following information into the CRD Grammar and Plagiarism Checking Services logbook:
    • Date and time of log
    • Title of paper
    • Payment amount, category, and OR number (ID no. if WIT Employee)
    • Name and signature of author or representative.
  7. The receiving CRD clerk shall date and sign directly on the presented OR to indicate its usage.
  8. The receiving clerk of the CRD office informs the submitting author or representative the expected schedule of the releasing of results through email.